3 Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

That Could Be Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

3 Mistakes That Could Be Sabotaging Your Fitness GoalsNothing’s worse than putting in tons of effort into something only to see little—if any—results. When it comes to fitness, it can be especially frustrating.Few Americans realize that despite their best efforts, though, they could still be sabotaging their chances at reaching their fitness goals. Read on for three habits to avoid when it comes to getting in shape.

1. Skipping Protein Before a WorkoutThough cardio helps burn fat while you work out, resistance training helps burn it when you’re not. According to the Daily Item, studies have shown weight lifting is one of the most effective ways to get in shape, because it increases the body’s energy expenditure while at rest. And scientists have found that people can boost that increase even more by consuming protein before exercising.Data shows people who consumed protein before working out experienced an 8.5 percent increase in their resting energy expenditure, while those who did not only had a 3.5 percent increase. Because protein is in a number of foods, most people are likely find something they enjoy, no matter what time of day they prefer hitting the gym.

2. Exercising in the Morning on an Empty StomachSome people may only be able to fit in a workout in the early mornings, but the Nest reminds readers that exercising later in the day can actually help burn more calories. Because both body temperature and muscle strength peak in the early afternoon, researchers have concluded that working out out later in the day may be the most effective when it comes to reaching specific fitness goals. People also tend to have eaten by the afternoon, which means they typically have more energy to push themselves harder.Of course, everyone has a preference, and working out in the morning can still be effective. The key to maintaining fitness is by staying consistent with a routine and eating at least a little something beforehand, even if it’s just a piece of fruit or some yogurt.

3. Working Out Until You HurtSome people fear they’re not going to see results unless they’re in physical pain when they leave the gym, but that’s not always the case. Though some soreness or muscle stiffness is okay when starting a new workout routine, chronic pain or fatigue is not a good sign. If you push your body to the point where it can’t recover in between workouts, you’re not going to see the results you want.It’s also important to remember there’s a difference between joint pain and muscle soreness. Be sure to see a doctor before starting any fitness program, and go back to your physician if you experience excessive soreness or anything resembling joint pain.Because of technological advancements and the ease that computers grant to everyday life, Americans lead more sedentary lives now than they ever have. It can be challenging to find the time to work out, especially with a full-time job and family, but regular exercise is important for both mental and physical health. And for optimum results, be sure to avoid the above three mistakes.

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